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Meeting Mr. Christmas YIFY

Boyd's record was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church in Boston when it was released, believing that it described an adulterous encounter. Boyd was photographed meeting with the Archdiocese to explain the song. After the meeting, the ban was lifted.[2]

Meeting Mr. Christmas YIFY

Stating to the camera that she does not know why she has been so cold with Karen, Pam apologizes for the events that transpired during the party planning meeting and the two decide to organize their own Margarita-Karaoke party. When they present this idea to Angela, she declares them to be invalid and asks Dwight get involved since he "outranks" Karen and Pam. Jim, being "Number #2", creates The Committee To Determine The Validity Of The Two Committees on the spot (consisting only of himself) and declares Pam and Karen's committee to be valid. While this goes on, Andy decides to take Michael out to help him forget about his troubles; Michael summons his "entourage" Jim, Ryan and Dwight to come along, though Ryan opts out with a long list of excuses he's prepared for such an invitation from Michael.

Pam and Karen begin their party in the breakroom and Angela (after calling Dwight for permission) is quick to start her own in the conference room. After a few tense moments, Stanley stands up and goes to Pam and Karen's party; several other people follow him except for Kevin, Phyllis, and Hannah. Kevin tells the camera that he is mainly convinced to go because he has heard that Angela's party will have double-fudge brownies, and that outweighs the fact that Angela herself will be there. Michael, Andy, Jim, and Dwight arrive at a Benihana restaurant (which Michael refers to as "Asian Hooters"). Andy slides into a seat next to Michael and arranges the seating so Dwight is seated on the opposite end of the table and out of earshot of the conversation of the rest of the entourage. Andy convinces Michael to ask out his Japanese waitress after getting him slightly drunk. So drunk, in fact, that he actually steals meat from the plate of Justin Spitzer, which causes a quick chopstick-sword fight between them. Unable to hear these conversations, Dwight asks Jim to fill him in, but instead Jim tricks him into telling the waitress how to properly butcher a goose, which disgusts both the waitress and the others at the table - while initially attempting to explain himself, Jim finally smiles and admits that it was just the same as all the other pranks he'd pulled on Dwight. Meanwhile, the office is divided into two separate camps as Phyllis, Hannah and Kevin attend Angela's party while the rest of the staff are at Pam and Karen's. Ryan makes the discovery at the party that they do not have a power cord for their karaoke machine, but Darryl offers to get his synthesizer as an alternative. As he passes Phyllis to get the music out of his car, she asks him how they are doing over there and Darryl replies that they are having fun, encouraging Phyllis to join their party in the break room "when your meeting is over". Through Karen and Pam's party, Meredith has a bottle of vodka in her hand, turning down the margaritas because they are "too sweet". 041b061a72


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